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Carrying Blunt in your store provides your customers a go-to-option during inclement weather and an ideal gift for many occasions.

We are currently offering the following terms:

- Net 60
- Free returns
- $50 credit on first order

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Frequently asked questions

What’s so special about a BLUNT umbrella?
The frame has been completely re-designed to
create a super taut aerodynamic canopy.
How does the umbrella get its shape?
Patented Blunt™ tips eliminate pressure points found
on traditional umbrellas. Housed in specially designed
pockets they also help tension the canopy and
create a unique rounded silhouette.
How are BLUNT umbrellas making a difference?
Every year, millions upon millions of umbrellas break
in very ordinary weather conditions and end up in
landfill. Blunt™ umbrellas enable people to make
the change from disposable to sustainable.
Can BLUNT umbrellas handle stormy weather?
All Blunt™ umbrella models are tested during
development in a high-speed wind tunnel. Blunt™
umbrellas are easy to hold in the wind due to frame
stability and a smooth aerodynamic canopy.
Who invented the BLUNT umbrella?
A New Zealand engineer called Greig Brebner.
Where are BLUNT umbrellas made?
Blunt™ umbrellas are designed in New Zealand and
manufactured near Xiamen in China. Our factory has
been making high quality umbrellas for over 50 years.
A five year global warranty
If a product ever fails due to a manufacturing defect,
we will either repair or replace it. See or
email for warranty claims.

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